Lighting + Posing... for Couples

These are some of your most critical factors when taking a photograph. When one takes a photograph, they generally are looking for an area to shoot that is evenly lit and has softer light on the subjects face. Most people will find a patch of shade to do bridals on their wedding day, or other's will wait till sunset to take photos. When I am taking photos, I generally think of lighting first. Where will the light be coming from? What time will the sun go down? Which lens hood will capture this photo the best? A tip I wish I learned earlier was to take photos an hour before sunset. This time is prime for even lighting and golden hour. Another time that is quite nice to shoot around sunrise. I typically shoot at sunrise if it's a big field, and an hour after sunrise if there are a lot of trees and shade. These times will be the most effective for taking photos.

Photoshop and Lightroom are essentially the biggest helps with correcting lighting. We call this post. Post is basically short for post-production. This is where you color correct, fix the lighting, get rid of those dark shadows, and give the photograph the vision you initially started out with. A typical couples shoot will take me 4-5 hours to edit and then 1-2 hours to upload and send the photos. Some key things to remember when taking the photo is to make sure your highlights aren't blown out. An example of this is when you're taking a photo of something that's white. You want to still be able to see the detail on the white when the photo is taken, and not just a big patch of white. When you get into Lightroom you can then bring your highlights and whites down to make sure that you don't lose any details in your shot. Another tip to remember is that you can always expose your photos a little more in post after you've taken them. (I prefer to shoot photos at a lower exposure most of the time!)

Posing is another form of art that a photographer must work at. People come in all shapes and sizes and posing is so important for successful photos. I've worked with couples who have major height differences, different weights, different skin complexions, and so much more. You want to make sure you're capturing the best angles for your clients and the best lighting for them. Some classic poses that will never do your wrong are some of my all time favorites! When working with couples you want to capture their emotions and their candid photos- those are some of everyone's favorites. A pose I ALWAYS do (ask any of my past clients) is walking! I have the couple hold hands and walk towards me while looking at each other and talking. These moments are filled with laughter & love, and honestly make for some of the best photos. Another popular pose that I do is I have the guy pick up the girl and then I have her pop her foot out! (or the foot pop as mentioned in princess diaries). This pose is fun and flirty. If the couple can't pick each other up, I have them stand facing each other with their arms around each other AND the foot pop as well. The last pose that is a must, is having the couple hold hands, and then having the girl snuggle into him or smile at the camera. The guy can also put his hands in his pocket while the girl holds on to his arm. This pose is nice because it shows closeness but also the couple feels comfortable in this pose 100% of the time. Hopefully these tips helped and you're able to apply them in your next photoshoot!


*see images below for examples of posing*

the walking pose

the "foot pop" pose

the closeness pose