Albion Basin is notorious for their wildflowers, but they're also notorious for being PACKED in the Summer time when the flowers are out. When Holly & Dallon said that they wanted to shoot there, I knew we had to come up with a plan in order to make this shoot as smooth as possible. We ended up meeting up an hour before we had to because the line to get into Albion Basin was SO long. I think we waited around 50 minutes to an hour. We then paid our $10 and got on the path to the basin. I had told Holly & Dallon that we would need someone to come with us that could potentially drop us off if there was no parking. Dallon's mom ended up coming and she really was the MVP of the entire shoot. When we got to the parking lot it was completely closed because they were "dynamiting the area" in the morning. We were shocked. So she dropped us off and we went and started taking photos. Because the parking lot was closed off it really wasn't that crowded at the basin? We then did an outfit change and kept taking photos until 20 minutes past sunset. I couldn't believe how light it was staying for us! Dallon's mom then appeared out of nowhere and said that she made a deal with some strangers that if they could drive her car around for a little bit and drop her off where we were (so she could she some of the photos) that we would give them a ride down the basin. I was dying laughing at this. Like I said she was the real MVP of the whole shoot. By the end of the shoot we met back up with the strangers and we all drove down towards the bottom of the basin. I don't think I'll ever forget this shoot because it was just iconic, and Holly & Dallon were a dream to work with!