Hi, I'm Annie Neilson.

I'm a Utah based photographer who also travels to other states to photograph weddings! Photography for me is a lifestyle and something that fuels my creative side. I LOVE to capture memories that will make you reflect and relive your special days. I am more than just someone who just holds the camera, I am dedicated to capturing memories that you can look back on for years. I capture photos that are true to color and timeless. I've been studying Art & Design and Photography for the past 3.5 years and have done an internship at Walt Disney World for my Art & Design major.

I started photography when I was just 12 years old after being inspired from a woman in my church. Since then I've captured memories for over 500 people and gone full time with my small business. I've created friendships with my clients that will last forever. This is what I love to do. Some of my favorite things in life are Disney, singing in the car, and Chick Fil A- I'm obsessed. I'm 6 feet tall and full of energy.


What is your favorite thing to photograph?

A.I LOVE photographing people in love. Whether it's newlyweds, families, weddings, etc... I'm here for it. I like to capture your genuine love that can hang on your walls forever.

Are you currently in school?

A.Yes! I am a senior in college right now and I should graduate in Fall 2021 with my major in Art & Disney and a minor in Art History.

Did you work at Disney?

A.YES. I am a huge Disney fan and went to Disneyland every week growing up. When it was time to apply to art internships for my major I applied to the Disney College Program and made it in! I worked in Epcot & Hollywood Studios and did water art for my art internship!

What is your dream place to photograph?

A.Definitely Rome, Italy. This has been a dream of mine for so long and I think it would be so magical. Other places I'd love to go for weddings are Paris, France or New York City!