Andra & Joseph have one of the coolest stories I've heard in awhile! They started dating before Joseph's mission, and then got engaged the day after he got home! So we did their engagements and bridals in one day, 2 days before their wedding! We did their engagements in the morning at Laguna Beach, and it was seriously so stunning to do photos there. It was nice and cloudy and the crowds weren't bad at all, so it was amazing. They did 2 outfits and we even got to go on the rocks at the beach as well! Sometimes they're closed for safety. For bridals in the evening, we did them in Laguna Niguel Regional Park, and it was so pretty! Since Andra's mom came along for the shoot, we were able to drive around the park for different spots and it was seriously stunning. I am obsessed with how all of these photos turned out!