I first met Anna when I hosted a photography workshop back in 2020 at the Utah State Capitol. She attended as a photographer, and from there we've followed each other on social media, and done shoots every year! I first met Ihsan when I did their photos in 2021, and it was during all the wild fires that were in the west part of the US. This year they decided they wanted to do a studio shoot and so we decided on the studio White Space Studios in Sandy, Utah. (https://thewhitespacestudios.com/) It was seriously so pretty in the inside and I was so excited to shoot here! They have two seperate rooms and then they also have a stage bathroom. We obviously didn't use that, but we took photos in the second room. There is a massive white wall, and then also props such as stools, couches, etc... that you can use for photos. This shoot was so fun and I feel like whenever you shoot in a studio you just feel so much more creative? Maybe that's just me, but I loved how these photos turned out!