This session with Taya & Garrett was one I will always remember. When Taya & Garrett had reached out to me they explained that they had already gotten married, but they were looking to get their bridals done because they didn't have those done prior to their wedding. They also explained how they are from Arizona and there wasn't really any greenery around to take pictures in, but they were going to be in Logan, Utah for a week in the summer for their open house and wanted to do photos then. I had never really done photos in Logan except for at a venue there, so I referred to a location guide that I had bought from Jackie Siggard Photo ( We planned for a location that was up one of the canyons, but when I had gotten there, there was a family reunion going on and so we had to last minute change locations. We ended up finding this beautiful overlook that had an amazing view of all of Logan. Sadly, there was a thunderstorm rolling in so we knew we had limited time to take photos. We ended up taking photos for about an hour before the rain hit us and we had to call it. The pictures that we got from the session were so beautiful and everything worked out for us in the end!