When Allison & Quentin said that they wanted to shoot at this location up Provo Canyon I was so pumped. This was my first time meeting them and I really wanted to make their bridal pictures as perfect as possible. They hired a videographer (@isaacsfilm) and once we all met up we drove to the spot to take pictures. It was quite a bumpy ride to the spot, but once we started taking photos it was so worth it! We started with pictures in the aspen trees, and that's where we did individual photos of just them as well. It was so fun to watch and to take pictures of! After taking pictures in that location, we went down to the massive field. The entire field was basically empty, it was seriously amazing. The light was also setting just right for sunset and it made for some epic sunset pictures. We ended up taking pictures till 20 minutes after sunset, I couldn't get over how light it stayed outside for us for that session, we seriously took pictures in the best lighting. It was so nice working with Isaac as well during the shoot because he had such great ideas for posing and was super easy to work with. At one point in the shoot I was trying to go down this little steep hill to get closer to Allison & Quentin for a picture and I totally ate it in the grass. Luckily I rolled in a way that didn't hurt my equipment haha. I will never forget how great this session was!