This session was truly one for the books. Edie grew up in Carmel, CA where my husband grew up and that's how I met her! I soon met her husband when I took their engagements back in April during the cherry blossoms blooming. When she pitched the idea that she wanted to take her bridals in California, I came up with a plan so she wouldn't have to fly me out there. I had a wedding in Sacramento that weekend, and knew that I could drive down to Carmel the day before or after and that's when we could do the bridals! We started the session by taking pictures in downtown Carmel first. It's such a cute little town in California and I'm obsessed with how their downtown looks. It was a little crowded just because it was a Saturday, but people were so kind and didn't get in our way at all. As we were walking people were constantly saying 'congrats' to Edie & Smiles and it was so fun! We then ended the session at Ribera Beach and it was AMAZING. The sunset was so pretty and I could not get over how good these two looked throughout the entire session. It was one for the books!