Melanie & Andrew's wedding was nothing short of amazing! They got married in the LDS temple in Newport Beach, California and it was so pretty! Their wedding day was partly cloudy/sunny, so it was perfect lighting and it was nice and warm outside. We started the day with pictures around the temple with their closest friends, family, and bridal party! We then did just photos of the two of them around the temple. We then went down to crescent bay and continued photos there of just the two of them. I can't state this enough- always make time for photos for just the two of you. You won't regret and you'll have so many more photos to choose from!!

Their reception was held at the Dove Canyon courtyard in Rancho Santa Margarita. I actually grew up like 2-3 miles from this venue, so I was so excited to be going back to my hometown :) The venue was BEAUTIFUL and so well decorated. They had catered tacos and their cake was amazing. They ended the night with dancing all together and it was such a perfect day for the two of them. Everyone around kept saying how beautiful Melanie looked and I couldn't agree more, she was a stunning bride and you could just tell how in love these two are with each other. I'm so happy I got to capture that for them!