Katelyn & Weston were a couple I was fortunate enough to work with them from engagements all the way until their wedding day. For their bridals they decided on doing them at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah. When we got there it was SO windy! That's pretty typical for this location, but it was like wind from the actual Saharas. It was reaching gusts up to 45 mph. We still went ahead and took photos because they didn't want to reschedule and we were already there. We did our best with posing and finding pockets where the wind wasn't too bad. By the end-ish of the shoot the wind had actually calmed down substantially and we were able to get a ton of photos. The Sand Dunes are always some of my favorite places to take photos because of the neutral color background. It makes your subjects stand out a lot, and they were stunning!