I got to meet Jacey & Josh during their engagement session earlier in the year, and when they said they wanted to take bridals in the middle of July, I knew that the canyons would be stunning. July is definitely the best time to get wildflowers in your pictures. Earlier in the day the weather app had mentioned there might be possible rain, but we decided to still go for pictures because the percentage was so low. Well, by the time we got there the storm was looking closer and closer to where we were taking pictures. We knew we were on a crunch because by the time we were ready it was starting to sprinkle, but not enough to not take pictures. So we started taking pictures, and luckily since the weather wasn't the most ideal, the crowds were extremely low for us! After about an hour or so, the rain started really coming down on us. We started trekking back up to the car to get out of the rain, but we got one more picture inspired by the movie cover for The Notebook. I couldn't get over how great these pictures turned out and I was so grateful that Jacey & Josh had such great attitudes despite the untimely weather, I will forever love this session!