Taking Isaac & Rylie's photos was seriously so fun! Isaac is my cousin (our dads are twins!) and so it's been so fun being able to hang out with him and his fiance Rylie! They decided that instead of a cold location in Utah Valley, that we would drive down to St. George and take photos in Snow Canyon. Christian drove down with me on the day of the shoot and we went and picked up our photo pass for pictures! Snow Canyon has a pretty strict photo policy with permits, so if you ever take photos there, make sure you have one! When we arrived to the location I took Isaac out on the path and put him in a spot for the first look photos. Rylie then caught up with us and we had the first look and it was so fun! We then walked all around the rocks for the photos and eventually ended at the top spot for the look out. It is seriously breathtaking to take photos up there and I'm so glad we chose this location instead of somewhere in the cold in Utah Valley. If you are ever hesitant about making a drive for your photos, let these be your example of why you should!