Taking Ben & Halle's bridals has to be some of my all time fav photos. Ben is my youngest brother in law (Christian's brother). We were SO excited when he proposed to Halle!! So of course for photos we had to take them where Halle is from. I flew out to Oregon the day before photos and then the next day we made the 3 hour drive out to the Southern Oregon coast to take photos. The weather was cloudy all day so we had the best lighting. It sprinkled on us a little, but nothing too crazy. We started in Crescent City, CA for the Redwood photos. This is where we did their first look and it was so fun to see Ben's reaction of Halle in her dress! We took photos here for about 20-30 minutes and then got in the car and went to the next spot. I'm not entirely sure what this location was called, but the sand was like grey! It was pretty cool to see in person. The tide was also extremely high so we had little sand to run around on, but the photos still turned out amazing! The last place we went to was a pin that was sent to us by Halle's florist. I guess it's a more secret location and it was seriously stunning. It was a cliff that overlooked the ocean, and the mist looked amazing in it. 10/10 would recommend taking your photos on the Oregon coast!