Ashlen & McKay got married and had their reception at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Because of that, they were able to do their bridal session at Thanksgiving Point during the Tulip Festival! You're only allowed to do bridal pictures at Thanksgiving Point if you are getting married there, so I was super excited that I got this opportunity to take their pictures there. However, I didn't anticipate the crowds haha. Luckily, we were able to get two golf carts for the occasion so we didn't have to walk forever away. I rode with McKay and got him set up at one spot and then went and got Ashlen so that we could do the first look. Luckily, people stayed away during their first look and we were able to get pictures without people in the way. People were seriously awesome during this shoot and would always move if we needed a certain backdrop or spot for Ashlen & McKay to stand in. I could not get over how pretty this venue was. One picture Ashlen really wanted was a picture with the main bridge that's at Thanksgiving Point. Obviously, we made this happen. There were about 10-12 people on this bridge feeding fish and just hanging out. I kindly asked if everyone could move for a couple photos and they did! Not only did they move, but people actually stayed away from the bridge cause it looked like we had reserved it, so we got a solid 20-30 minutes with the bridge. It was AMAZING. All in all, this shoot is one of my favs!