Sage & Jonas had known each other for quite sometime, and decided to tie the knot at the Shade, Home & Garden Venue in Orem, Utah. It is the most beautiful venue with a green house vibe. Luckily, since it was May it was super green all over the venue and the plants were incredible! If you're looking for a venue with immaculate lighting, this venue is it. It had incredible lighting the entire day, even well into the dance party when it got dark. We had natural lighting throughout the entire time before that! And the great thing was there are no shadows. Sage & Jonas started with a getting ready photos, and then a ceremony with their closest friends. It truly was such a intimate wedding to photograph and you could tell everyone there was just so happy for these two. We then took family photos after and photos of just the two of them around the green house. The rest of the night was the dinner, some toasts, and then the reception. They had plenty of dancing and it was so refreshing to see so many people out on the dance floor! 10/10 wedding with these two!!