These are a few of my favorite places...

      As a photographer in Utah, it can be tricky to find “picture-esque” places with not a lot of people there. It seems as if there are too many photographers in Utah and that there is no place where it’s just you and your photographer. However, through my years of shooting families, couples, and events, I’ve been able to find some places that will help you get great photos and not have to photoshop people in the back out of the photo.

1.    The first place is Tibble Fork. This is located in American Fork canyon. You might see quite a few photographers when you get there, but since this location is so large and beautiful, there’s so many different spots you can pick to take your photos!

2.    The second place is Little Sahara Sand Dunes. Since this location is secluded in Nephi, Utah, there aren’t a lot of people who make the trek out to see the sand. It’s like a hidden gem. There’s also so many sand dunes and open space that even if there were a lot of people there, you still would have privacy with your photographer.

3.    Third would have to be Tunnel Springs Park. This is a park that overlooks the entire Salt Lake Valley. Some would describe it as breath-taking. It’s a massive field that goes for miles, but the fun thing is, there is SO much space for photos! You can have hills behind you, or a lookout photo, or just walking down the trail that they provide you at the park. This park is a Utah favorite, but make sure you coordinate with your photographer beforehand where to meet because there is no cell service up there.

4.    Fourth, is the Salt Flats. These are one of a kind. If you like very neutral backgrounds and privacy for photos, this is the place for you. The Salt Flats are massive. So even if there are other people, you’re probably a good 200 ft away from them. The Salt Flats are literally dried up salt that makes for beautiful backgrounds. This is one of my favorite locations, but it is a 2.5-hour drive away for me, so I only go here on special occasions!

5.    The last place I wanted to show you is Provo Canyon. I know what you’re thinking, ALL of Provo canyon? And that’s the fun part, Provo canyon has so many different turn offs, look out points, and hidden “easter eggs” of different places, that there are unlimited spots to take your photos! Whether it’s squaw peak or Sundance, you could honestly take your photos anywhere up this canyon, it’s limitless.

All of these places are so amazing because they are Utah “showing off”. It has been amazing to be able to photograph in all these locations because of the beauty that they bring to photos. Make sure you check out these places when you’re thinking of your next photo shoot so you are well prepared for BEAUTIFUL photos.