Family Photos- Michael & Courtney

Documenting family photos every year is essential. This is one of my favorite spots to document them! It's the American Fork Amphitheater. It's the perfect location for family photos because it has nature, but also has an entire amphitheater with stone steps for those classic sitting photos! Michael & Courtney are from Florida, so this was a totally different change of scenery for them.

Something that we found to be pretty funny during the photoshoot was their little boy. I would describe him as a shy kid, so each time someone would make him smile he would try to hide his smile, and it's the cutest thing ever! We found out he has a love for calculators during the shoot and so we would let him play with it every like 1-2 minutes, and then take it for 10 seconds, snap the photo, and let him play with it again. Eventually he ended up just having in the last 5 photos and I thought it was hysterical!

All in all, something to take away from this shoot- you need to make kids feel like they're having fun on a shoot. Whether that's playing the Frozen soundtrack, bringing smarties, or bringing their favorite toy, it is WORTH IT. Also, take breaks. So many times we just want to keep snapping photos, but it's important to slow down and let your kids get some energy out! The photos will turn out great, i promise :)