Liz & Seth are maybe some of the best people I've ever worked with. When they first reached out to me they had expressed that their photographer and videographer that they had hired actually had to cancel on them because they had a family member's wedding the same day. Kristen from Kristen Whitehead Productions () was first contacted by them for video and then she referred them to me for photography! I got them booked and their wedding sounded incredible! When I first got to the venue I didn't really know what to expect because it was in the middle of Kamas, Utah and I had never been to this venue before. It's called High Star Ranch, and WOW it truly exceeded all my expectations for a venue. I could not get over how beautiful and massive it was. It also had so much natural light from the windows and it was just massive.

We started the day off with getting ready photos of Liz and Seth separately. Liz was getting ready with her bridesmaids which consisted of her family members and close friends, and the bridal suite was amazing. We took a couple photos with the bridesmaids on the couch that they had in that room, and then we took photos of just Liz getting ready as well. We then did the first look with the father of the bride, and it was so emotional. You could truly tell how much Liz's dad really cared for her. After getting Seth's getting ready photos we then did the first look with the bride & groom. Some of the family members stayed behind to watch Seth's reaction and it was so fun seeing how excited everyone was for them. His reaction was priceless, and then we did some family photos with everyone before the ceremony so that after the ceremony they could just chill. The ceremony was lovely and officiated by the one and only Governor Cox! After the ceremony was done, they had a luncheon with everyone that included some toasts and speeches, and of course, great food. We took some more pictures with Liz & Seth on and off all day, and once the reception started more people started coming to the venue. They had desserts ranging from doughnuts and soda, but also had french fries, it was perfect! We ended the night with dancing in their beautiful rustic barn and it could not have been more fun. Liz had an outfit change that I was dying over how cute it was. They then did a bubble send off and drove away together with their family cheering for them. This truly will be a wedding I think about forever, it was the most perfect day!