I first met Liz & Colton during their engagements, and then we did bridals with them as well! When it came time for the wedding day I was so excited for them! When they exited the temple you could tell just how pumped they were to be married and you could also see how happy their families were as well! We started the day off with pictures outside the temple with friends and family and then we did bridal party following after that. I like to start with the biggest groups at the temple first and grandparents so that they can leave after their picture is taken and start heading to the venue. Once we were done with bridal party photos, we did photos of just Liz & Colton. The temple was honestly pretty crowded cause it was a Saturday in the middle of the Summer, but we were able to get so many photos around the temple. People were honestly so nice and would move if they felt they were in the way. After photos at the temple were done we made our way over to Colton's house for the dinner and reception part of the night. They had decorated the entire backyard so beautifully and I could not get over how stunning it was! They had a ring ceremony to start the night off and there were such kind things said about Colton & Liz. They exchanged rings and then we went straight into the reception portion of the night! There was cake cutting, dancing, and chick fil a (big fan of that). At one point in the night Liz & Colton played a prank on their groomsmen and had the DJ announce that the groomsmen had been working on a dance for the bride & groom. The groomsmen were SO confused but they were good sports about it and ended doing the "can-can" all together and even Colton joined in on the fun. They ended the night with a sparkler send off and it was seriously so fun seeing everyone cheer for them. This wedding is one that I'll always remember and I'm so happy they hired me to capture so many fun memories of the two of them!