Everyone who is local to Utah knows how beautiful Albion Basin is, so when Laurel said that she wanted to take her family photos there I was stoked. It truly is so breathtaking, and I can't believe how many flowers there are every year there. In order to go to Albion Basin you have to pay $10 once you get to the ranger stop, and then you drive up a dirt road to get there. We were in a sedan (probably a mistake lol) and we ended up bottoming out on the road a couple times, but we did make it to the spot! We walked down towards the bottom of the basin where it was a little more shady and a lot less people. We took so many fun photos and I could not get over their matching dresses!! Shout out to Ivy City Co! (https://ivycityco.com/) This session was so much fun to capture and to edit and I'm so happy that this location is open!