I first met Kenzie & Connor during their bridal session at Albion Basin. It was so fun meeting them and I knew instantly they had great chemistry together and they were meant to be together. When it came time for their wedding day I was so happy for them! They got married in the Provo City Center LDS temple in Provo, Utah. It was seriously such a pretty day and luckily there weren't many other wedding parties going on. It was so fun meeting and working with their families, and you could just tell how loved Kenzie & Connor are. We took big group photos and family photos with them, and then moved on to photos of just the two of them. We walked all around the temple and got as many shots as humanly possible. You would think with it being October it would be slightly chilly, but it was actually so warm during their wedding!

We then went to The Blake venue in Provo, Utah and they had an outdoor ring ceremony with their closest friends and family. It was seriously so pretty and they even had flowers hanging down from the ceiling. Their church bishop conducted the ring ceremony and then friends and family congratulated them after it was over. We then moved into the dinner and the reception and partied all night with them. It was so fun celebrating these two and I'm so happy they got their happily ever after!