I first met Jacey & Josh when I shot their engagements at Tunnel Springs. They were newly engaged and you could tell how giddy they were over each other. We then did their bridal photos at Albion Basin about a week before their wedding! For some reason at every session we did together so far it would start raining at some point. I really prayed that we would have good weather for their wedding, and we did!! They got married in the Draper Utah temple in the morning, and since it was on a Wednesday, it was like we had the entire temple grounds to ourselves. It was seriously so nice and it was such a pretty day for a wedding. I won't lie though, it was pretty hot so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible through out the photos at the temple. We started with family photos first. Josh's family is from Texas, and he even had a couple people fly out to attend this wedding! Jacey is local and had lots of Utah family at the wedding. Once we were done with family we started with bridal party photos. You could tell how much fun each of their friends are just by how much energy they all had even until the end of the night. They were genuinely so happy for Jacey & Josh! Once we were all done with the bridal party photos we then just did photos of Jacey & Josh around the Draper temple. We were able to do photos kind of quick because there wasn't really anyone at the temple, it was a dream. After the temple photos we went over to the Commercial Club in SLC for their reception. When I tell you I couldn't get over how beautiful this venue was, I mean it. The windows were amazing, and the decor was amazing, and everything about this venue was incredible! They had some of their bridal photos printed through out the venue and even used their engagement photos for their guest book, it made my photographer heart so happy to see all these photos! We started with pictures around the venue before the reception officially started and then Jacey & Josh had a line during the reception to greet all of their guests and thank them for coming. Once that was done we cut cake and danced the night away! This group was seriously so fun to take pictures of during their dancing and everyone was just having the best time. We ended the night with a sparkler send off and it was so fun seeing how happy Jacey & Josh were. Their friends and family cheered for them one last time on their wedding day and they were off on their honeymoon. This wedding was amazing to capture and I was so happy they hired me for this day. I will seriously never forget it!