Studio engagement shoots are some of my ALL time favorite things to shoot, so I was so excited when Erin & Morgan said that's what they wanted to do! We had originally planned for an outdoor engagement shoot, but the snow was pretty bad so they decided instead of waiting more days that we would just do a studio shoot! I've known Erin since I was literally born. Her mom and my mom are best friends, so we grew up doing a lot of family things together. I have only good memories of their family and it's fun to still keep in contact to this day! I was so excited when she reached out for me to do her wedding package and I knew it was going to be amazing! We decided Pick Your Palette studio was the perfect studio for them, sadly this studio is closing at the end of 2022. We took pictures with all the different colored walls and it was so much fun! They even came so prepared with an outfit change + options for different outfits. We ended up running outside and taking a couple pictures in the snow because the snow was falling so nicely towards the end of our shoot! This shoot was such a success and I'm so excited to take their bridal and wedding pictures!