The Dayton's are people that I've been close to since the age of 12. Sam (their oldest daughter) and I are best friends, and we grew up together in Orange County. We both played volleyball, piano, and we were both 6ft tall, so it was instant friendship at its finest. I obviously spent so much time at her house, so I literally love this family. One of my first memories from visiting the Dayton house was how much ice cream they had in their freezer. I grew up with maybe having 1 or 2 cartons in the freezer every once in awhile, but they had 5-6 cartons of GOOD ice-cream. We were definitely a vanilla or chocolate kind of people. They had chocolate chip cookie dough, rocky road, strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, like literally the best flavors out there, and they let me have a little bit of each! I thought I was in actual heaven. I didn't grow up close to any of my siblings cause I'm in the middle of a 14 year age gap, so whenever I went to the Dayton's house it felt like I had 5 new sisters.

When it came time to do their family photo again this year, they wanted a good mix of mountains, trees, and aspen trees. I knew exactly what spot we should do up Provo Canyon. The location we went to is perfect if you're wanting a little bit of everything and the views are breathtaking! We started with pictures in the aspens of their family and then individual headshots as well. Sam & Brayden had just had a baby girl, and so of course she was the star of the show! We then went down and took some pictures in the field with tall grass, and then eventually got to the main field which has Mount Timpanogos right behind it. It is an insane view! There was one more spot we wanted to take pictures but we would have to walk through tall grass to get there. I've always heard that there were snakes at this location, but I had never seen any so I always assumed that was a myth. Well when we were walking over to the next picture spot there were in face snakes in the grass! We hurried away from them and took our last bit of pictures. This session was seriously so much fun and I'm so grateful to have people like the Dayton's in my life still.