I normally don't do family photos anymore, but I'm really good friends with Ashlyn and her family needed some updated family photos! I first met Ashlyn when I was 13 years old and lived in Southern California! She lived in Singapore, but she would come visit her Aunt & Uncle in Southern California every summer for a couple of years. Fast forward to our freshman year of college, and her (now) husband was in the same freshman dorm group as my husband! Ashlyn was also in their group as well. When Christian and I got together in 2019, I was so excited to find out that Ashlyn & Hunter were good friends with Christian! We hang out a lot and do couples trips and all sorts of fun together. I was so excited to take her family photos this fall because I knew her family really needed some updated ones. We ended up taking the photos at American Fork Amphitheatre and they turned out so well! The leaves were still nice and colorful, and it was such perfect weather for photos. I always highly recommend this location because of how beautiful it is year round.