Preston + Kelsie

On October 13th, 2020 Preston & Kelsie were finally married after dating through a pandemic. This wedding was beautiful, elegant, and classy. I've known Preston since we started working together at doTERRA & BYU Sports Camps, and was friends with him when he met Kelsie! He first asked me and my fiance to help him propose to her at an art gallery - Dreamscapes. After we captured him kneeling down and proposing, it wasn't too long after that I captured their engagements! We went to this massive field up Provo Canyon at 7 in the morning to get these photos, and they turned out AMAZING. It was so fun to talk about their wedding plans that they had at the moment and how they wanted their photos captured.

When we discussed where we could take their bridals, there were a lot of options. We couldn't decide on a fall background, or a more neutral background. Ultimately when you take your bridals, you want to love the location. We ended up going to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes for their bridals! We went to the white sands area and were able to take some stunning photos in their formal clothes. It was pretty fun trying to navigate a wedding dress in sand, but the photos turned out BEAUTIFUL and are some of my favorites photos I've ever taken!

Their wedding took place at Wadley Farms in Lindon, Utah. Wadley Farms is a venue with 3 different spots for receptions & weddings. They have a massive barn, a castle, and a railroad building. Their wedding & reception took place in the Barn. It was decorated with greenery and fall foliage every where. Something special about their ceremony was how their old church bishop married them. After their ceremony they celebrated with friends at their reception with everyone in masks (you know because of COVID). They cut their cake, danced all night long, and had a sparkler send off. It was a perfect warm day.